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Watch UK & Irish TV via internet anywhere in the world for just 6.99€/mth! - Home of the best UK TV by internet service (IPTV) get over 70 of your favourite British, and Irish TV, plus radio and a great selection of films without a satellite dish via your internet connection.

Our service is perfect wherever you are based in the world be it; France, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, mainland Europe or further afield in the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia or any other international location (min internet speed needed).

The simple to use Mag TV box combines fantastic reliability with a simple to use operating system and menus to allow hassle free, simple enjoyment of our channel packages

Our Service

Our services is sent directly to your TV set top box from our server base with over 70 Live TV channels in real time, so you watch the action as it happens! We make sure that even those on different time zones don't miss out with our 7 day catch-up TV on the majority of our channels.

Our package includes over 70 live TV channels, catch-up TV, UK & International radio and FREE Video-on-Demand with a superb selection of the greatest and latest films.

Please note that our service does not include the Mag box. These are available via Ebay or on Amazon

How It Works

Simply connect the IPTV Set Top Box to your ADSL Router and to your TV via the HDMI cable and bingo, you're ready to watch!

To receive UK TV channels in your home you DO NOT need a satellite dish. We have technology that works from a digital receiver and is as easy as just plugging it in. The set top box Multimedia Player works on very low internet speeds however the higher you have the better.

We recommend at least 2mb. You will receive up to 300 Live UK TV Channels (depending on your chosen subscription package) along with over 900 movies on demand that are showing old classics and new movies.You will also receive many UK radio channels.

Watch UK TV channels direct to your TV. You do NOT have to stream from the internet to your laptop.

Play Back (also known as catchup) on over 150 channels for 7 days, this means that if you miss your favourite UK TV show you can simply go back to when it was on and watch it.

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All these great channels, 7 day catch-up TV, radio and films on demand for just 6.99€ per monthmonth

BBC Scotland
BBC Alba
BBC Parliament
BBC Red Button
Channel 4
Channel 5
More 4
4 Seven
5 Star
CBS Drama
CBS Reality
CBS Action
History UK
My Channel
Showcase TV
Film 4
BBC News
Al Jazeera UK
France 24
PBS America
Free Sports
Front Runner Sports
Chart Show
Now 80's
Subscribe - 6.99€mth

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How fast does my internet need to be to receive the service?

To run our SD channels you will need at least 1.5mbps and for HD channels at least 3mbps. You can test your speed on the following web site: http://www.speedtest.net

Q. I have a second home, do I need to pay for the service when I'm not there ?

Not at all, just supsend via your client area or email us when you want your service suspending and you want be charged until you next activate the subscription. Unlike other operators we charge no fee for pausing and reactivating the service.

Q. What is the catch-up service ?

We offer catch-up on the majority of our TV channels. For these channels we record and hold all TV programs shown on our servers for 7 days, allowing you to watch your favourite programs as and when it suits you.

Q. Can I Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward a Program?

Yes, on the remote control you will see a set of keys just above the NUMBERS KEYS that allow you to Pause, Play, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward the CatchUp Recorded Shows. In CatchUp viewing, pressing the INFO button will also show you the program length, and your position within the program. Our catch up service allows you to go back up to 7 days to catch up on your favourite programs. Press the Fast Forward or Rewind Keys MULTIPLE TIMES to move around in the program, along with PAUSE / PLAY to start or pause playback, and pressing the STOP button will close playback and return you to the CatchUp Menu Screen.

Q. Do you provide the set top box?

No we don't supply the box ourselves as we can not compete on price with online suppliers. We recommend you order via Ebay or Amazon.

Q. I Already Have a MAG Set Top Box can I use this ?

Yes of course, take a subscription for your chosen package and follow our instructions on adding our details to your Mag - unlike other providers we don't charge any kind of connection fee!

Q. What Mag boxes do you support?

We support all the latest Mag boxes.

Q. Is it possible to listen to UK Radio Stations using this system?

Yes our service includes over 60+ UK, Irish and international radio stations.

Q. Do you provide Movies on Demand ?

Our upgrade package includes Video-On-Demand with 100's of latest and greatest films plus TV show box sets.

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